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Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Pivoting to remain relevant in today’s changing times? Planning your organization’s future? Need your meetings to be more participative and effective? DC&A will partner with you to design and facilitate effective retreats, workshops, training sessions, focus groups, and conferences.


Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders can positively or negatively impact your business bottom line. DC&A
helps identify, understand, and effectively engage your most important assets –

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A culturally-competent organization understands and values how behaviors, attitudes, and policies help people work more effectively, improve customer service, engage communities, and improve your business bottom lines. DC&A helps design and facilitate actionable plans and measurable results.​

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Executive Coaching and Teambuilding

DC&A creates customized approaches to leadership development and effective teambuilding that brings out the best in people so that organizations can THRIVE.

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